Fengshui Course

Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1

Feng Shui Certification Level 1 – 2024: Dive into the Essentials

Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1 – Live Webinar

Tuesdays & Thursdays, April 2, 2024 | 5:00pm GMT / 6:00pm Zürich time / 7:00pm Ukrainian time (GMT+2)

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Unlock the Secrets of Feng Shui:

Discover the art and science of Feng Shui under the expert guidance of Taras Lytvyn, delving into traditional principles and their integration into modern design and lifestyle. The tradition of Master Shan-Tung Hsu and Blue Mountain Institute.

Course Details:

  • 5-Week Live Webinars: Engage with Taras Lytyn’s teachings over ten enlightening sessions, with each class offering a dynamic blend of instruction and interaction.
  • Timing: Tuesdays & Thursdays, April 2 – May 2, 2024, 5:00 pm GMT.
  • Interactive Learning: Each session includes a 8 minute break followed by a bonus Q&A session, ensuring personalized engagement and clarification.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Explore topics ranging from Form School Feng Shui to Yin-Yang Theory, Space Arrangement, and more, over the course of 6.5 immersive hours.
  • Accessible Replay: Can’t make it to a session? No worries! All classes will be recorded and available for playback, ensuring you never miss a moment of insight.

Feng Shui Certification – Fundamentals Course #1

This is the first course in the three-course certification: Feng Shui Fundamentals #1, Interior Space Design #2 and Business and Office Design #3. Feng Shui Fundamentals #1 is the starting point for all Feng Shui Certifications.

In this comprehensive course, you’ll gain mastery in the application of traditional Feng Shui principles and their seamless integration into various facets of design, including exterior and interior layouts, landscape architecture, and business environments.


“The professional approach of Taras Lytvyn to presenting the material and structuring the lectures into blocks, rather than dumping all the information into one pot, is, in my opinion, a very valuable characteristic of a truly knowledgeable expert and skilled teacher. I am very grateful for such work and hope to deepen my knowledge in this area for further professional development.

I wish everyone success, deepening of knowledge, and abilities in the field of spiritual knowledge about the Laws of the Universe.”

– Vladyslav Smirkin, enterpreneur

Whether you’re considering pursuing full certification or seeking a standalone introduction to Feng Shui, this condensed 6.5-hour program offers invaluable insights into the art and science of Feng Shui practice.

Online Feng Shui Certification provides a dynamic and immersive learning experience, directly guided by a seasoned Feng Shui Expert. Say goodbye to tedious readings devoid of interaction – our online classes offer a truly immersive learning journey reminiscent of the revered teaching methods of old, where wisdom flowed directly from Expert to student.

Join Us Live for an Exclusive Feng Shui Course

We’ll convene every Tuesday and Thursday via live Zoom Video Webinar, with Taras Lytyn personally leading each session. Students will have the opportunity to interact and pose questions using their microphones.

This inaugural Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1 is accessible to all Feng Shui enthusiasts and design professionals seeking to deepen their understanding. No prior Feng Shui training is necessary. Rest assured, each session will be meticulously recorded and accessible for playback, allowing you to stay up-to-date even if you miss a live session.

In this over 6,5-hours Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1 you will learn about:

  • Feng Shui principles (Traditional Authentic Scientific Feng Shui)
  • How to apply Feng Shui principles to daily life, design and architecture
  • How to correct “bad” energy
  • How to enhance “good” energy
  • Taras Lytvyn has 23 years of experience in this field and some topics may be addressed spontaneously based on the needs of the students.

This Certification course provides special attention to each individual student. Hence, during live sessions, students’ microphones are open and there is a direct interaction between students and Taras Lytvyn so that he is able to answer all questions.

Moreover, after each webinar all students will have a bonus: around 10 minutes of Questions/Answers.

“On the first lecture I realized that it was truly a treasure trove of knowledge. Many things from the course I began to compare with the philosophy and practice of ikebana art – they were identical, echoed each other, as if complementing one another. Because true knowledge never changes its essence but finds embodiment in various spheres of our life.

Each lecture by Mr. Lytvyn concerns not only interior and home, but also the organization of space and the energies of life as a whole. Thank you for the course, I continue learning.”

– Nate Shcherban, Designer, Teacher

Registration Fee for this Course #1 Includes:

  • Attendance to all 10 sessions taught by Taras Lytvyn (in-person Live Webinar).
  • Video recordings of each lecture.
  • A PDF file of the Course’s slideshow.
  • Approximately 10 minutes dedicated to Questions and Answers.
  • Personalized Review of assigned case study during the course (reg. value $800)
  • Qualification to attend the next Course #2 in the Level 1 Certification.
  • The schedule of Course #2 and #3 Live Webinars will be discussed and planned with the students during Course #1.

Taras Litvin Fengshui

LEVEL 1: Feng Shui Certification Online: Fundamentals Course #1 – Live Webinars

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm GMT

  1. Form School Feng Shui I. Forms Defines Energy – Tuesday April 2, 2024
  2. Form School Feng Shui II. Forms Defines Energy – Thursday April 4
  3. Yin-Yang Theory I. The Fundamental of Natural Law – Tuesday April 9
  4. Yin-Yang Theory II. The Fundamental of Natural Law – Thursday April 11
  5. Four Features I – Tuesday April 16
  6. Four Features II – Thursday April 18
  7. Arrangement of Space I – Tuesday April 23
  8. Arrangement of Space II – Thursday April 25
  9. Plot of Land I – Tuesday April 30
  10. Plot of Land II – Thursday May 2

1 lecture = $40. Totally 10 lectures (over 6,5 hours) = $400

If you pay for the Level 1 in full before March 31, 2024, the cost will be $350 for 10 lectures ($35 per lecture)

Register for Fundamentals Course #1 Today: fengshuibluemountain@gmail.com

“I sincerely thank you for organizing this course on Traditional Feng Shui. Firstly, the awareness of the energy-informational impact of the environment on the body is very relevant for every person. In my work, I observe how important it is for maintaining health, for the recovery of the sick to have a favorable environment. Secondly, “traditional.” For me, this means “the source.” Something that can be trusted.

Thirdly, the selection of illustrations, the presentation of material are optimal for me. Fourthly, the lectures are informative, and the knowledge gained can be immediately applied.

Your lectures are really relevant. You explain the material clearly. And there is a direct practical outcome from each lecture. Thank you. And I am pleased that the main tool for Feng Shui is intuition. Just like in the art of healing.”

– Olexandr Holovchansky, Doctor

Overall Curriculum of the Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1:

1. Form School Feng Shui
2. The influence of forms on the quality of life
3. Size, distance and exposure of forms
4. Which is better, a circle or a rectangle?
5. The danger of triangular forms
6. Influence on the life of an apartment, house, plot
7. What is Qi. How to see Qi energy and read forms
8. Form, energy, information
9. What is Tai Chi
10. The applied value of Yin-Yang
11. Yin-Yang of an apartment, house, plot
12. Yin-Yang in relationships, politics
13. Four Features – the main tool of Feng Shui
14. Scale and ratio of Four Features
15. Principles of ideal house
16. Conditions for success – space, time, people
17. Three key principles of ideal space arrangement
18, A good place is where good people live
19. If nothing can be changed
20. The forms of the plot
21. Smoothness of Qi energy flow
22. Good place for home, garage, shed, pool, etc.
23. Feng Shui of garden
24. Danger of T-intersection
25. Conditions of Qi energy accumulation

40 minutes of each lecture is followed by an additional bonus: approximately 10-20 minutes dedicated to Questions and Answers.

Register for Fundamentals Course #1 Today: fengshuibluemountain@gmail.com