Feng Shui Course Feedback

Following the Feng Shui Course #1 in April-May, 2024, our students have graciously shared their insights and reflections. We trust that their experiences will inspire you to join us for our upcoming course, slated to commence in the near future.

Lida Torres“To find out if something is true, for me, it has to be true in all scopes. The Form School Feng Shui fundamentals course helped me to see the true Feng Shui. Taras Lytvyn teachings are practical and very wholesome for anyone to get the thuth of Feng Shui.

I’m very grateful to be able to learn from the tradition of Dr Shan Tung Hsu with the guidance of Taras. This course have been enlightening, now I can say I see with new eyes. I’m looking forward to continue learning in this fascinating dance that combines energy and matter.”

           – Lida Torres, Retired Mechanical Engineer, TaiChi practitioner, Yoga Instructor


Feng Shui feedback“Having studied Feng Shui with Taras is a sublime experience. His vast knowledge not only in Tai Chi, but also in ancient oriental sciences places him in a much superior standing as a teacher. All of this is complemented in the study of Feng Shui, which is taught with great clarity, organization, and details.

Furthermore, his human quality, simplicity, and subtlety make you want to take not one hour, but two hours of Feng Shui in a row. Taras is a master “ahead” of our times. Give yourselves the opportunity to receive lectures from Taras. The way you see your live will change. You are not going to regret it.”

– Elisa Marrero, Civil Engineer and PhD Candidate


Jessennia Nin“The teachings at Blue Mountain Institute are truly an awakening experience. Not only does this institute represent originality and purpose, there is absolutely nothing out there like it!

After years of seeking the truth about Feng Shui and learning the methods of different school systems, I can say that the teachings of traditional/form school not only make sense, but without a doubt represent the truest embodiment of the principles our ancients intended for us to have, providing us with invaluable knowledge that proactively and positively guide us through time in this journey we call life. Thank you, Taras. I feel blessed to be a student of Blue Mountain Institute.”

– Jessennia Nin, CEO at Nin Realty LLC

Should you have any inquiries regarding upcoming Feng Shui courses, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at: fengshuibluemountain@gmail.com

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