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Reading Tai Chi Diagram

Dr Hsu Feng Shui Talk
#32: Reading the Taiji Diagram

The Taiji diagram is one of the most popular and best-recognized emblems in the world. It is the symbol of Taoism and is broadly used in Qigong, martial arts, Chinese medicine, astrology, and fortune-telling. The Korean and Mongolian national flags both include this diagram, and it has been used in many other places.
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Chi Energy in Tai Chi Movement

Chi Energy in Tai Chi Movement

Body, Chi and Mind are the three essentials in Tai Chi and other internal or healing arts.

Chinese medicine says: The Mind leads the Chi and the Chi leads the Blood.  Our mind aspect can transcend personal limitations. Our Chi energy can nourish our physical and emotional health. Our movements can manifest as physical beauty.

Dr. Hsu will present these often neglected, though essential aspects of Tai Chi practice.   His presentation will guide you through the practice whilst applying the principles of Mind and Chi energy to the movements.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of tai chi practitioners or those who wish to learn to apply these principles.

Time: Saturday October 25, 2014

2 – 4 PM

Place: Mercer Island Community & Event Center

8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA

Suggested Donation: $20:00

Dr Shan-tung Hsu began teaching Tai Chi locally in 1971. He was one of the first to introduce Tai Chi to the Pacific NW. He was the inspiration for founding the Five Willow Tai Chi Association. Dr. Hsu has been a committee member of the International Medical Qigong Association. He is the former publisher of World Qigong magazine.  He has lectured on Chi energy and design globally for the past 30 years.

For further information contact: Diane Exeriede, 425-452-5581


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Tai Chi Crop Circle


I have been fascinated by crop circles for some years.   However, once in a while, I believe there might be some created as a hoax. But because of the consistent neat and intricate patterns, created by UFOs or other mysterious forces or not,  I find it is impossible to be the work of man.   In the world of art design, how often does one encounter such unique and beautiful designs by humans?  The crop patterns not only have been changing in size, from small to large, but the designs have developed from very simple, to extremely complicated in its detail.  The recently appeared 250 meter by 60 meter jelly fish crop circle is most amazing!  Form Defines Energy!  I do believe the design represents some sacred meaning or message.