Blue Mountain Institute

“In Harmony with Nature, In Tune with the Heart”

Blue Mountain Institute, formerly known as Blue Mountain Feng Shui Institute, was founded by Dr. Shan-Tung Hsu in Seattle, Washington, USA in 1990. The purpose of the Institute is to promote a broad, deep, and accurate understanding of feng shui.

The Institute offers classes in traditional feng shui, energy, and natural principles. These classes are valuable for people interested in enriching their own lives, as well as for those interested in becoming certified as professional feng shui consultants. Workshops at the Institute touch 20 unique areas of concern and provide comprehensive opportunities for study and practical application of FormSchool feng shui knowledge.

“Form defines energy” is the basic premise of Form School feng shui. This ancient tradition focuses on spatial and environmental design in accord with natural principles. Master Shan-Tung Hsu and the graduates of the Institute travel the globe to provide authentic and high-quality instruction and consultation. They employ a time-tested understanding of how our environment affects us and how we can establish a harmonious relationship with nature to enrich our living.

We want to be part of the united front to improve our environment.

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