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Fengshui Course

Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1 Registration

Level 1 – Feng Shui Certification Online:

Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1 – Live Webinars

$400  $350

To register and make payment, please contact us at: fengshuibluemountain@gmail.com

Course starts Tue, Apr 2-May 2, 2024 | 6 PM Zürich time.

Registration discount expires March 31, 2024

This Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1 is taught by Taras Lytvyn. The tradition of Master Shan-Tung Hsu and Blue Mountain Institute.

This Course #1 serves as the foundational step for every Certification Program we provide. Exclusively available as Live Webinars, each session is meticulously recorded, with participants granted access to the video recordings.

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Feng Shui

The Form School is the Traditional Feng Shui

Traditionally there are two schools of Feng Shui thoughts in China: the Form School and the Compass School. The Form School often referred to as the Landscape School is the most traditional feng shui school. It focuses on assessing qi energy from the form of the landscape pattern as well as the form of man-made buildings.

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