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Healthcare in America

As the richest country of the world, America has the most advanced medical technology.  However, their general public healthcare system is embarrassingly behind not only European countries, but also behind many Asian countries.  Take for example Taiwan.   Taiwan is an island with a population of 23 million.  Since a decade ago, it has established national healthcare coverage for this whole population.  The monthly premium for an individual is US$19.00 and the employer matches another $19.00 for a total of US$38.00.  Therefore, any medical expense is not a major concern for a Taiwan citizen.  In Taiwan, a dental check with cleaning is NT80, which is equivalent to US$2.24 and a visit to the dermatologist, including a prescription to a treat skin irritation, costs a bit more at NT310 which is US$ 9.60.  Furthermore, the quality and proficiency of treatment is equivalent to any U.S. hospital.  Another interesting aspect is that you could never get lost or get confused in a hospital since there are plenty volunteers working there.  The general public takes initiative to get involved.  So why can Taiwan manage this while the U.S. cannot?

The healthcare system is a serious issue; it is a great concern for the average American. Politicians have been talking about healthcare reform for more than decade, but it has always been met with the insurmountable mountain of resistance.  Our senators and representatives always express that it is a very complicated issue that requires a complicated solution which is inevitably met with resistance. Natural principles are the fundamental of feng shui principle, as well as the fundamental principle of all human endeavors.  In nature, we see characteristics such as; simple, easy, economical, and selflessness. Nature does not make an effort, thus it is simple and easy. Nature has no waste thus it is economical.  Whenever there is a shortage of water, sunlight or nutrients, all plants grow smaller together, they do not fight to get a larger share, thus nature is selfless. When any policy or system in any human endeavor becomes so complicated and entangled, this indicates it has violated the natural principle.  That means there is selfishness and waste. The fundamental issue relating to healthcare reform in America is greed and selfishness.

President Obama is facing 3300 lobbyists hired by 1600 companies and organizations, all fighting for their own interest and not for the interest of the general public.  Our representatives in Congress are supposed to guard our interests.  They may, but it is only second to their own interests, which unfortunately is the financial support for re-election. After more than two centuries, we are not getting more mature, instead we have became more corrupt and degraded.  In my travels while abroad, I find that on one hand I have become more appreciative of the freedom in America which often has been taken for granted.  Yet on the other hand, I also see more clearly how American companies and politicians have become more self-centered, selfish and greedy.  I pray that President Obama’s healthcare reform plan will prevail.