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Feng Shui Certification: Fundamentals Course #1 recordings

Unlock the Secrets of Harmonious Living: Enroll in Our Feng Shui Fundamentals Course Today!

Are you ready to transform your living space, boost your personal well-being, and cultivate a harmonious environment that supports your goals and dreams? We announce the launch of our new video recordings for the Feng Shui Certification – Fundamentals Course #1.

This is your golden opportunity to dive into the ancient art of Feng Shui and lay the foundation for a rewarding journey towards balance and prosperity.

How to Purchase the Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1 Video Recordings

Our Feng Shui Fundamentals Course #1 comprises 10 in-depth lectures, totaling over 6.5 hours of valuable content. Each lecture is priced at $40, making the complete course available for $400.

To order the video recordings, please send an email to: fengshuibluemountain [at] gmail.com

After you place your order via email, we will provide you with our PayPal and bank account details for payment. Once the payment is confirmed, we will send you the link to access the video recordings.


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