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Dr Hsu Feng Shui Talk
#31: The Ideal House – From Nature’s Point of View

In our previous posting, we mentioned the Four Features: Dragon (mountain), Guardian Hill (small hill), Energy Spot (flat area), and Water (river, lake, ocean).

Feng Shui studies the quantity, quality and coordination of these four features. A good house should have these four features in ideal form and structure.

In the Bible, it is said that God created Man in his own image. In the same way, I think, Man should build houses in his own image.

Man is a part of nature; if we use the human form as a guide to building, then we are following nature.

What is the human form, and how should it guide us?

A human body is symmetrical in appearance: left and right are equal. A house should be designed in the same way. The main door, like the mouth and nose in the human face, should be in the center; left and right are equal.

All of the important organs are near the center of the body; the center is like the Energy Spot, where the most important features of the dwelling should be.

The organs have different sizes and locations; in the same way, different rooms in the house have different sizes and locations: they are not all the same.

The body is supported by the spine, which is located at the back. This is the Mountain feature. Therefore, a structure should have a support behind it: a mountain, or higher ground, or a larger building.

The mouth, nose and eyes are what connects with the outer world, and they are all in front of the human face. In the same way, the Water feature, the open space, should be in front of the house.

Arms and legs protect the body on either side. The same function is performed by the Guardian Hills: in other words, it is good to have similar features on either side – small hills, or small buildings.

In the human body, the mouth (entrance) is bigger than the anus (back door). In a house, the front door should be bigger than the back door.

This pattern is the essence of Feng Shui. If you grasp this concept, you are well on your way to understand Feng Shui.

This pattern is universal: people intuitively and spontaneously use it in designing their dwellings, all around the world. In other words, people follow nature spontaneously.

However, in modern houses, the entrance is often no longer in the center, but on the left or the right side. This means that Yin and Yang are no longer balanced. No wonder marriage has become rarer, and there are so many single men and single women.

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