Where do we start?


In this tough economic climate, it is a good opportunity to step back and re-evaluate our living situation and our lives in general.  To help guide us, it makes good sense to start with the feng shui principles.  But where do we start? Trying to implement the information taught by Master Hsu is not as easy as imagined.  In a sense it’s like reading a self-help book.  You read it and think you comprehend it, but changing your habits is never simple.

However, there are simple things we can start with in feng shui.  I am working on my front yard.  Is the path to my entrance clear without obstruction?  Are we protected from the energy of the road?  Does it look presentable?  Do I need to prune a few trees, pull some weeds or trim the hedge?  Stepping back and taking a fresh look at something you observe everyday may spark some new vision.  Spring is here.  Planting some cheerful flowers to greet everyone in the neighborhood is only a small step, but one that will bring a smile everyday.

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