What can I do to sell a house in a difficult market?

house-with-plantA good friend from St. Simons Island, Georgia, asked if there is a good way to help sell her house.  She is anxious to move back to the NW and the fact her house is still on the market has bogged her down.  With the current difficult climate in real estate, many people must also be anxious to find a way to sell their house quickly.  Traditionally, for a new house, a builder or realtor will rent furniture or employ a staging service, allowing the buyer to visualize how they will live there. But both are costly options.  To enhance the house in the information and energy levels, the least expensive way is by using living indoor plants; place an abundant number of plants in the house.  If there are people still living in the house while on the market, it is advised to keep the house tidy and clean, and naturally, living plants will help too. However, there is another power and a hardly being recognized way to speed up the process of the sale.   I told this charming lady to treat the house humanly—to say farewell to the house: “I love you, and thank you for accommodating me for all these years until now.  I know you will be in good hands after I depart”.   Is this idea too new-age for you? It doesn’t hurt to try.  It might surprise you.

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