Feeling the energy of spring – Plankton

Under the sea

In one of the earlier blogs published on April 4th, Master Hsu discusses the natural change of seasons.  He mentions why we find new found energy in the spring and how this connection can be observed through nature.   This point rang so true when I was a chaperone for my son’s school trip, on a study of vocations with animals, to the Seattle Aquarium.

The middle and high school students were asked to gather water samples from the Puget Sound just outside the Aquarium.  These samples were then brought up to one of their rooms where they had microscopes set up for them to observe the plankton they captured.
So what is plankton?  According to Wikipedia, it is divided into three groups.
1.    Phytoplankton
2.    Zooplankton
3.    Bacterioplankton

What caught my attention was when the biologist/teacher mentioned that the “plant” plankton, phytoplankton, which is the green stuff you see floating on the surface of the ocean, sea, lake or other body of water, is responsible for 50% of the earth’s oxygen!  And when does it start to grow?  Yes, in the spring, when there is more sunlight, so we get photosynthesis. With the increase in oxygen within the earth’s atmosphere, it is no wonder we have more energy to get up and go in the spring!  This is the natural law Master Hsu was talking about.

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