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Ideal Bedroom Design

The bedroom affects health, relationships, emotions, and child bearing. As a place for rest and replenishing energy, the bedroom should be cozy and private. In order to have abundant energy, a bedroom should not be oversized.

In the Imperial Palace of China’s Forbidden City, the emperor’s bedroom is very modest in size only slightly over 200 square feet or 20 square meters. This was designed to ensure the room had a high energy level.

Forbidden City: The Emperor’s Bedroom

Since a bedroom is a Yin room, it should have fewer windows, less light, and a limited number of circular objects. The most important consideration of bedroom design is the placement of the bed.

The ideal placement of the bed should follow these guidelines:

  1. The head of the bead should rest against a solid wall.
  2. There should be no window directly behind the headboard, however a transom window high above the bed or windows on both sides of the bed is permissible.
  3. There should be no door or passageway on either side aligned with the head position of the bed.
  4. There should be no door directly in front of the bed.
  5. The door or passageway into the bedroom should be diagonally in front of the bed, clearly visible from the position of the bed.
  6. There should not be any heavy object handing directly above the bed.

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