The Power of Visualization


A Latvian family, consisting of a mother, daughter and son, has published a very nice picture book for children. After reading my blog regarding selling your home, they wondered if there is a similar way to help sell their book.  There is good news, the answer is yes.

Physical manifestation begins at the information level.   First visualize children reading and enjoying the book.  With the existence of this visualization, information could trickle down to create a real manifestation. The effectiveness will be based on how clear the image of visualization one can project.  What is the criteria for this?  One is the ability of the individual and two is the scale of the image.  Visualizing the image on a smaller scale is easier than on a large scale.  This is because if the scale is too large it becomes more difficult to focus on an image.  For example, in this particular case, to imagine millions of children reading the book is not easy, creating only a vague image and idea.  Due to the difficulty, it can be interpreted as wishful thinking, thus not creating the desired result.  So, it is best to start on a smaller scale.

Visualization takes practice.  One can begin by first looking at a static object, such as a flower, tree, or even a cup.   Next, with your eyes closed, see how long and how clear an image you can hold.  Once you feel confident that you are able to do this, then increase the image content.   Finally, move on to practice dynamic images.  The big secret to obtaining good visualization skills is practice, practice, practice.

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