What is feng shui?

feng-shui-characterIs feng shui an ancient wisdom of environmental design? Is feng shui a Chinese cultural tradition or simply, a new-age phenomenon? Another important question is: Does feng shui have universal value?

Most people define feng shui based on their own exposure and understanding to the subject, whether they obtain it from books, the internet, feng shui teachers or through a school.  Due to the vast variety of information on the subject, it is inevitable that the difference of opinions on feng shui surface.  Even in China, throughout its long history, there has never been a shortage of debates between the pro and anti feng shui camps. Therefore, it is not surprising, that the same debate and arguments continue today in the West.

First, it is crucial to establish a common base defining the term feng shui.  Only then, can we begin to have a meaningful discussion on feng shui.  If there is no common agreement on the term, there is no basis for an argument.

I define the essence of feng shui as “the philosophy, science and art of environment design”. I strongly encourage all, to read the page “What is feng shui?” on the Blue Mountain Feng Shui Website. The basis of this blog is to share feng shui knowledge and further our understanding.  Those who do not and cannot see feng shui as a universal concept might need to expand their knowledge of feng shui or open their hearts to widen their vision.

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