Land shapes people

The Feng Shui of the landscape not only affects political and economical issues, it also shapes the character and personality of the people who reside there. We are what we live in.

Those living in cities on low ground, or near water are very different from those living in high mountains or inland. Even among cities near water, the quality and position of the Guardian Hills will affect the nature and personality of the people who live in this city.

Buddhists say, “We are what we think”; nutritionists may say, “We are what we eat”; but it is even as valid to say, “We are what we live in.”

The Feng Shui classics say:

“people who live on rich, fertile land have a good and long life;

people who live in a beautiful place have a clean and pleasant appearance;

people who live in low and damp ground are dirty;

people who live in high ground are straightforward.

If the land is scattered and broken, people disperse;

on steep and complicated terrain there is more violence;

on barren and rocky places people are stubborn;

on fertile and flat places people are trustworthy and loyal.”

In China and in many other countries, there are also special places known to nourish certain personality traits. These specific areas are known to produce civil leaders, military generals, literary talents, or even bandits or criminals. These cases are all related to the Feng Shui characteristics of each place.

By having a good understanding of the landscape of a country or a place, we will have a fairly  good idea about its people and society.feat

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