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Feng Shui, Qi Energy, A Holistic Approach

Qi is the core concept of Feng Shui design. Feng Shui follows the classical Chinese meta-physical concept that regards everything as being composed of Qi. Thus, all physical objects and all surrounding space are bodies of Qi.

Different forms of all things in the Universe manifest different patterns of Qi energy. Therefore, from a Feng Shui point of view, any human design, such as a city, building, or an object, is not merely a physical body; it is also a Qi body.

Although Qi is not visible, people can detect Qi and information from a physical manifestation.

All things in the Universe consist of three components:

  • Matter
  • Qi energy
  • Information

We can detect people’s energy from the form of the physical body and its movement. We can also detect people’s emotions—the information component, form their facial expressions.

Matter-Qi-Information is inter-related and cannot be separated from each other.

In a similar way, the Feng Shui practitioner perceives Qi energy from the form of all physical settings, regardless of scale, whether from a big landscape, a house, to a small room.

Therefore, by designing holistic forms, one creates holistic Qi energy.

The success of Feng Shui design is measured by whether there is good Qi energy to nourish the physical, mental, and emotional health of the occupants. A place with abundant and holistic Qi energy is more important than an esthetically beautiful space.

By Shan-Tung Hsu

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