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What Is Life

We know that life is more than a biological process. We need to realize that life is also more than an emotional process. The process of living is a spiritual process.

We should not create illusions for ourselves, and end up trapped in one particular moment. Yet, though each moment is transitory, it also real, and precious – no matter how it manifests. Whether it is good or bad, we need to be thankful for having the opportunity to experience it. Fun, laughter, joy and happiness are all wonderful — and transitory. Furthermore, without the contrast of pain and sorrow they are shallow: only difficulties can provide depth.

Only people who have experienced setbacks and failure in life can fully appreciate what life is. Only people who have experienced loss in a relationship can have a deep appreciation of what relationship is.

All experiences are transitory

No life, no relationship, can be all negative or all positive. All experiences are transitory, and it is the movement between what we think of as positive and negative that gives us depth and energy.

When we can see these transformations from a larger point of view, we can stop grasping after one extreme and running from the other, and thus we can begin to gain a sense of inner balance and peace. Only inner peace, if we can find it in the process of living, is eternal.

The Inner Peace

What is this inner peace? It is not a static, unchanging state. Rather, it is a constant awareness of and participation in the interactions, the unions and separations, between Yin and Yang at each level of experience.

It is important to realize that our body and mind co-exist. On a more fundamental scale, our body is the “living environment” of our mind, and our mind is the “living environment” of our body.

A sound and tranquil mind, provides a good environment for our body. This is the very first Feng Shui concept we need to concentrate on.

Enjoy the small things

People have a tendency to look forward to big events, to try to create some big surprise for a partner, a surprise vacation overseas, or a special birthday party. This is especially true when we feel we have something in the past to make up for. In real life, though, when today is gone it is gone for good. It cannot be brought back. Tomorrow’s joy does not make up for yesterday’s sorrow.

It is better to live in the present. Enjoy the small things in life now.

A small joy today is here now, not in the theoretical future. A simple walk in the park can mean more than a future tour.

The joys in life and love are strung on a chain of small events, not giant hoops.

Get out of your routine

Learn to get out of the routine of daily life from time to time. Once in a while, do something spontaneous or “crazy”. When water is stirred up, the air bubbles enhance the oxygen level of the water, and make it better for supporting life.

Learn to change old patterns. Use these changes of rhythms and small surprises as ways to fall in love with your life.

By Shan-Tung Hsu

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