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#15: Form School 101 – Feng Shui Concept

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15: Form School 101 – Feng Shui Concept

We have already discussed the basic concepts of Feng Shui. The diagram below summarizes these concepts in terms of the two pillars of thought that support Form School Feng Shui.

Fengshui Form School concept

The diagram by Shan-Tung Hsu

The first pillar is Natural Law. It comprises Yin-Yang Theory, and Wu-Xing (Five Element) Theory. Balance and Resonance are the keys to applying these theories: Balance brings harmony; Resonance brings empowerment.

The second pillar is Chi. It is the awareness of the three aspects of all things: Matter, Chi-Energy, and Information. Just as Chi- Energy can be detected from the form of the Matter aspect, that form also reveals the Information aspect.

Feng Shui is about the relationship between our lives and our living environment. The environment affects us more than we realize. When we say, “we are affected by our living environment,” we mean that we are affected by the Chi-Energy of the environment, and the environment’s forms define this Chi-Energy.

There are forms at every scale: in a landscape, a city layout, a neighborhood, the structure of a house, the floor plan, furniture, interior design, and decoration –all are forms. Large or small, three-dimensional or two-dimensional; all forms emanate Chi-Energy that affect us.

The two pillars concept is the foundation of feng shui. These two pillars, natural law and chi applies to all aspects of human endeavors such as politics, business, education and all personal issues such as health and psychology.

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