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Dr Hsu Feng Shui Talk
#16: Form School Design Model – The Four Features

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16: Form School Design Model – The Four Features

“Form defines energy, energy manifests information” is the guiding concept of Form School Feng Shui.

When we talk about form, let’s begin with the big picture of form – our planet Earth.

The landscape of our planet is the largest form. It is composed of landmasses and bodies of water that include oceans, lakes, and rivers. The contour of the natural landmasses can be distinguished by mountains, hills, valleys, and flat ground.

All these have form, and at the same time they are the manifestation of a particular configuration of Chi-Energy and Information.

In Form School Feng Shui, the characteristics of the four land features are used to describe a landscape at every scale. These Four Features are: mountain, small hills, flat land, and bodies of water. Their properties manifest the character, quality, and quantity of the energy of the land.

Feng Shui design begins with understanding the land. To understand the land is to understand these Four Features – not only their quality and quantity, but also the coordination of the features.

In the Feng Shui classics, the four essentials for an ideal setting are that the Dragon (Mountain) should have good momentum, the Chi-Energy should be abundant, the form should be wholesome, and the feeling of the place should be affectionate. Simply put, a place with good Feng Shui is one with good energy.

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#16: Form School Design Model – The Four Features

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