Chopsticks and Marriage

The next time you step out for Asian food, think about how marriage life should be like a pair of chopsticks. In many ways, the two are similar.

Photo: Pixabay

1.  Chopsticks are always used in pairs just as it takes two people to make a marriage.

2.  A pair of chopsticks picks up the foods together, whether they are sweet, sour, spicy, or salty. Similarly, a husband and wife go through life together—for better or for worse, in good times or in hardship.

3.  To be able to pick up the food easily, the ends of chopsticks should always be even just as in a smooth marriage, the husband and wife should be equal.

4.  In picking up food, you always move one chopstick and keep the other steady, yet the two chopsticks change roles from time to time. It’s better for a couple to have one take the lead in decision making with the other supporting the decision. The lead role should change based on the nature of the decision. When both fight for decision making on every matter, there will be problems.

5.  Though chopsticks can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, bamboo, plastic, or metal, the pair will always be the same; you do not mix wood with metal or plastic with bamboo. A husband and wife should be compatible in their values, vision, educational and social background to have a good marriage.

So when you are eating Chinese food, take lesson from the chopsticks for your marriage life!

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