Why has so much money flooded the Seattle/Puget Sound area in the last couple decades?

Change is the nature of the universal energy, qi. The only thing in the universe that does not change is change itself.  Change reflects the flow of energy.  On a large scale, the planet’s energy shifts from continent to continent by the century. In the 19th century energy was high in Europe, in the 20th century energy moved to North America, and in the 21st century energy is flowing toward Asia.

On a smaller scale within America, energy is shifting from East to West; from New England to California.  When California reaches its prime, since the energy cannot go to the ocean, its momentum turns toward the south (México) and the north (Seattle/Puget Sound). In addition, Vancouver hit its high energy point, and its energy has shifted south toward the NW. Therefore, in the past two decades, Seattle has experienced fast growth, while a lot of energy and money has flooded into (and grown from) the Seattle/Puget Sound region. This also relates to the rapid rise in real estate value.  For the people who subscribe to the Flying Star School of feng shui, one might suggest the years of 1984-2003 are the period 7 of the grand 180 years cycle belonging to the Metal element, which resonates with the energy of the northwest direction.  Metal also creates the element Water.  In the Five-Element theory, intelligence is related to the Water element. Therefore, you find Microsoft, Starbuck’s Coffee, Amazon.com, and many bio-tech and high-tech companies, all belonging to the Water element, prospering in the Greater Seattle area.  The years from 2004 to 2023 are period 8, the Earth element, of the cycle. Earth creates Metal; therefore, the Pacific Northwest can expect a couple of decades of continuing prosperity.

1 thought on “Why has so much money flooded the Seattle/Puget Sound area in the last couple decades?

  1. Peng

    Dr. Hsu:
    that’s interesting to know. so based on the 5 element theory you showed, will that period 8, the earth element of the cycle also benefit California’s high tech companies too ? also, in the beginning you said,
    california reached its prime. I guess you are referring to the dot com boom and collapse back in 2000.
    so will the period 8 bring another couple of decades of prosperity in CA ? and that will also spread over to North and South the energy which will benefit NW, right ?



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