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2017 The Year of the Rooster

The Monkey year, as predicted, has been very eventful, and it is now coming to an end. Although the remnants of the Monkey energy are tapering off as the New Year approaches, some of it will continue to remain through the transition.

The Year of the Rooster is like waking up at daybreak. The big event in the Monkey year in the U.S. was the presidential election; its unexpected, and unpredictable outcome has created a lot of turmoil, especially since many people invested a great deal of energy and emotion to these issues.

It is important to remember that every event has three components: material, energy, and information. It is from information that energy, and then material circumstances, come to manifest. When something has manifested on the material level, the energy has already achieved its function, and the situation is already on its way out.

Any transition in nature is normally gradual; abrupt changes do not last long. As the Book of Changes says, torrential rains and strong winds do not last long. When they come, they will soon go. This is true of other sudden changes as well. Dark clouds overhead come to pass: they do not stay. In any event, there is reality, and there is our perception, without actually seeing the reality. People tend to react to leaders as though events were caused by leaders. Actually, leaders are like puppets, acting to manifest what is already in progress. In the New Year, we will face new realities – and the same thing is true of the new president, who will face realities he has not planned for.

Although the Monkey year is passing, its energy will linger, and many things will still take unexpected swerves. What we should do is keep centered, so that as new manifestations occur, we can sense the energies and information behind them. In this way, we can pass from perception to reality.

How we set our minds creates new information, which will then generate new energy and produce new material manifestations. We should be mindful in living our lives, keeping focused in our immediate situations, and let our understanding grow from there. As it does, we will have a new understanding of events as they unfold, and we will be able to help them unfold in a positive way.

As the Rooster year progresses, the energy of the next year, the Dog year, will gradually begin to manifest, and the suddenness of waking up will merge into a more positive, comfortable Dog year energy, and things will look better.

Blue Mountain Institute does not have a lot of new progress to report. We are still working to make on-line teaching available. We will have another certificate program in June and July. However, we are beginning a new experiment, organized by our Russian–speaking students: YouTube postings of a regular question-and-answer sessions, and also of brief lectures. Even though these will be translated for Russian students, they will also naturally be in English.

On a personal level, Dr. Hsu has been translating his novel, The Medicine Box, into Chinese.   It will first be published in traditional characters in Taiwan, and later will be published in simplified characters in China. We hope that his other books will soon follow.

For those interested in astrology, it is useful to know that any year is a year of change for those born in the sign of that year. So, for example, for people born in a Monkey year, each Monkey year that comes around is a year of changes, challenges and opportunities. For people born in the Rooster year, it will be a year of change. People born in the Rabbit year will experience serious challenges. For people born in the Ox and Snake years, the Rooster year will be auspicious – and also for those born in the Dragon year. For those who will experience increased challenges, it is good to remember to be more cautious and less impulsive. People born in the Rat and Dog years will tend to have small issues from time to time, but nothing that cannot be overcome.

For people born in other years, this Rooster year should be fairly neutral, if not actually smooth sailing. As the New Year unfolds, we will all have a chance to wake up, look around, and grow. Remember, “Do not resist evil”. Energy is neutral, and it is often our resistance to it that creates negativity. Even if we see the energy as potentially negative, we should recognize it, bless it, and let it go. Our job is not to resist what appears, but to relax, pay attention, and use every event as an opportunity to bring more awakened energies into manifestation.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!