Fengshui of love

Yin and Yang: Love Between Men And Women

Love between men and women is just one of the forms taken by the relationship of Yin and Yang.

Since Yin and Yang exist in everything in the universe, the Feng Shui point of view sees Yin-Yang relationships as occurring not just among human beings, or among animals, or even only among living beings, but among all entities, at every level.

It is the same kind of relationship that exists between the river and the land through which it runs; the continent and the oceans that surround it; the wind and the forest through which it sings; and the butterfly and the flowers through which it wanders. These are all expressions of the interaction of the Yin and Yang energies of the universe.

Seen in this way, the roots of love and romance lie far deeper than matters of pleasure and pain, or laughter and tears. To understand love in the higher sense, we must look beyond its immediate manifestations, whether internal or external. We must see it free of superficial images of strife and entanglement, free of the webs of emotion.

Surface level

We tend to get stuck at the level of surface manifestations, which form the material for poetry, music, drama, and art. Most advice about relationships, most theorizing, most strategy and tactics, focus on this level, and most human beings spend their lives indulging in never-ending entanglements with the pieces on the game-board of love, trying to move them into a pattern that comes out just the way they want it.

But love is more than two people sharing a chocolate milkshake. There is much more depth to it. It is never as simple as a mere physical action, or a pleasant, superficial pastime, or a period of intense passion.

There are always complications – not just by accident, but by the very nature of love itself, which connects with some of the deepest structures of the universe. Unless we can see it from that deeper point of view, we wander endlessly in a maze of repetitions of the same relationship scripts.

Higher level

There is a difference between seeing from a higher level and dissecting from a lower level. To dissect from a lower level is to turn love into a mechanical product of some collection of parts. To see from a higher or deeper point of view, however, is to preserve the fullness of the experience, to see it in a context of even deeper and broader experience.

To see from that deeper point of view, we have to be able to recognize the deep structures of the universe.

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