When building a house when should I call a feng shui consultant?

Call a consultant as early as you can.
A competent feng shui consultant can guide you in site selection and present a schematic design: the form of building and the layout of rooms, according to the client’s needs and desire.  Often people ask for feng shui consultation after the house is built, and some mistakes have been already made. Many years back, the Boeing company in Seattle, asked for my feng shui input in the design of the headquarters of their Commercial Airline Group.  During our first meeting with the project manager, she asked “When do we start?”  As I realized the building’s outer structure was already done, I told her, “We are already three months late”.  Ideally, they should have asked for my input even before the building was built.  Their understanding of feng shui was that it is just related to interior design, and they wanted to add a feng shui touch to their design. This is the prevailing misperception of feng shui.

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