What would you recommend if one person in the household would like to move the furniture under feng shui principles, but the other person, who dislikes change, is resistant?

42-16606088In general, when furniture is arranged according to feng shui principles, it will function better and provide a better feeling.  However, often many so-called feng shui concepts presented in feng shui books and teachings, are rigid rules and even superstition which do not reflect real feng shui principles.  So you might think you have arranged furniture according to feng shui principles but you actually have not. In this case, resistance to change occurred.  Sometimes though, people are not so sensitive to energy, and they do not feel any difference in the different furniture arrangement. In addition, feng shui is more than just a philosophy and science, it is also an art.  Therefore, under the same higher feng shui principles, people might have a different approach in furniture arrangement, and thus disagreement will occur. If you are sure you are on the right track, make gentle suggestions allowing people to slowly come around to see the benefits of the changes.  Do not force your way.

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