The Power of Yin –The Magic of Whispering

In communication, we often think strong delivery will help get the message through better. But in a very real sense, a soft, even whisper-like delivery, which is Yin, will tend to resonate more with the receiving entity, which is also Yin. This is why in many situations it is better to whisper.

Whispering has a special magic. Often school teachers who have a hard time controlling a rowdy class can get better results with a whisper than a shout. All the students become quiet, because they want to hear the secret.

Human nature has a tendency to underestimate the power of Yin, of non-manifestation, of subtlety. Projection, manifestation, and delivery have to do with the Yang or masculine force. But Yin is a power as real as Yang. A quiet voice, a soft touch, a light thought, or a vague image, can be more effective than their Yang equivalents. If you hold a pebble with a strong grip, all you can feel is the tension in your muscles. Only if you hold it lightly, you can feel the texture and quality of the stone itself. The same thing is true for all our senses, all our avenues of perception. Strong projection can provoke resistance, and the receiver experiences primarily the rigidity of resistance; gentle projection creates attention, and then the receiver can attend to what is being communicated.

Communicating at the right time, in the right way, will help to provide a good basis for a good relationship. However, despite all good intentions, there is often another issue: that of perception.

The different energy patterns characteristic of male and female lead to different ways of perceiving situations, and lead to different perspectives on the human world. This often leads to a gap between the male and female perception of a situation.

Often a woman will perceive issues or problems in a relationship that the man does not recognize or even perceive. Regardless of whether the problem or issue is “real” or not, when one person perceives the existence of a problem and the other does not, there is a very real problem between them. This is why it is crucial for men to be sensitive and to pay attention when such issues arise. This requires the right attitude, the willingness to pay attention, as well as awareness and sensitivity — the capacity to pay attention.


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Dr, Hsu currently lectures worldwide on matter of spatial and environmental design in accord with natural principles. His teaching unifies his training in western science, ancient Chinese philosophy, Taoist and Buddhist meditation, and the energy work of Chi-gong/Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan, along with decades of experience in Feng Shui.

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