Wu-Xing on a Small Scale (Part 3)

On a smaller scale, the Wu-Xing theory could be very useful in other ways, such as design.  A good example would be the design of the McDonald’s logo.  It is perfectly in tune with the Wu-Xing and Yin-Yang Theory.   Let’s try to see if we can break it down and analyze the logo.

As a global company, the McDonald’s logo is seen throughout the world.  Almost all of us can recognize their famous ‘golden arches’, which is the big yellow rounded letter ‘m’.  The arches sit on top of a red rectangular box which has the word McDonald’s written in white letters.  Let’s first look at the logo from a Yin-Yang point of view.  The ‘m’ is dynamic, so it represents the yang element, while the rectangular box is static, representing the yin element.  The yang rests on top of the yin which creates a good balance with correct positioning.

Next, let’s examine the logo from a Wu-Xing point of view.  The combination of the color red (Fire) and the color yellow (Earth) has a cohesive relationship as Fire creates Earth. In addition to this, yellow resonates with appetite (stomach, Earth element), and red resonates with desire (heart, Fire element).   This means that with the combination of red and yellow, when people are hungry and see those golden arches they go to McDonald’s!  How many of you thought that something as simple as that has helped to make McDonald’s into one of the most successful restaurants in the world! By the way, you may have noticed most restaurant logos or food court signs use red and yellow colors.  This follows the Wu-Xing theory and is a good sign for increasing business.

But before we wrap up on the Wu-Xing theory, it is important to remember that in any analysis, one should apply the Yin-Yang theory first.  If you have a good grasp of the Yin-Yang theory, you will have accomplished much in the understanding of feng shui and also in various aspects of design.   On the other hand, the Wu-Xing theory is much more challenging as it mainly applies in dynamic situations. So, don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to understand the concepts and be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to absorb the information.  We all learn at different speeds.
I would like to emphasize, that both the Yin-Yang and Wu-Xing theories are the basis in guiding us with the most important and valuable knowledge throughout our entire lives. Remember, knowing or not, we all live under the influence of these principles.

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