Magic Mushrooms from qi-treatment and Magic Eggplants from space-treatment

When things in nature grow and their size and quantity is plotted on a chart, they tend to exhibit what is called the normal distribution curve or a bell shaped curve.  This growth pattern, as seen in most natural objects such as, plants, animals and  humans, shows the medium size will always be the dominant size, while quantity of the small and big size are much less, creating the bell curve.

In the novel, The Medicine Box, I described a professor experimenting using qi to enhance mushroom growth.  The results created a crop that had  a mixture of very giant sized and very tiny sized mushrooms, with only a small number of middle sized mushrooms.  If we chart the crop results, it creates the normal bell curve flipped upside down, looking more like the letter ‘U’, an inverse bell curve, which is the total opposite from what is exhibited in nature.  Why does this happen?   It’s a mystery.

In 2008, the Chinese Shenzhou space craft carried 87 kinds of vegetable seeds into space.  Recently, many vegetables grown from those seeds have come to maturity and their fruit has been harvested.  All exhibit a very interesting result.

In the crop of eggplants grown from the seeds brought back from space, there were some the size as big as a honey dew melon!  What also caught my attention was the fact that on the other hand, some eggplant were as small as an egg, with very few medium sized.  This phenomenon is exactly the same as the mushrooms that were treated by qi projection.  Similarly, both exhibit the upside-down bell curve, opposite to what is seen of vegetables grown in nature.   Is there a common factor or influence from qi-treatment and space-treatment to these plants?  If so, what is it?  This could be a very interesting subject for researchers to study.

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