Feng Shui and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many Blue Mountain feng shui students in different parts of the world are asking me “how do we see and handle the coronavirus pandemic from a feng shui perspective?” I was surprised at the question, as feng shui is about living environment design. It is about life design and has no obvious connection to this pandemic.

However, since the fundamental feng shui principle is based on natural principles — natural laws, the highest guidance for human living, then maybe we can try to see the pandemic from a natural law perspective.

Natural laws are composed of the Yin-Yang Theory and Five Element Theory.

The Yin-Yang

In the Yin-Yang Theory, everything and every phenomenon in the universe are composed of two polarized aspects; yin and yang. All transformations of the universe are about the balance and resonance of the yin-yang relationship. Yin-yang balance creates harmony, and yin-yang resonance creates empowerment. Everything is composed of yin and yang.

In the context of humans and nature as a connected system, the human is yang, and nature is yin. The balance of human and nature (i.e., the balance of yin and yang) creates harmony and is an ideal state. If anything goes wrong, this indicates the balance is disturbed.

Yin-yang enhances each other and also restricts each other. Humans have been too arrogant toward nature. What has happened to humans from natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and now this pandemic, provides a humble lesson and reminds humans to reflect and review the direction and values of humanity.

In Yin-Yang Theory, there is always yin in yang and yang in yin. Therefore, after this pandemic is over, some positive changes in human values must take place.

The Five Elements

The other Natural Law, the Five-Element Theory, uses Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal as metaphors for different passages or mechanisms for all transformations in the universe.
In this case, the coronavirus pandemic’s flow and penetration in all directions are represented by the Water element.

How should we handle it?

In the Five Element Theory, what constrains the Water element is the Earth element. Earth is defined, not flowing, not moving, and is stable. To stop the water flow or virus flow is to define it, which means a lockdown.

Thus, the Chinese initial act of locking down Wuhan city and Hubei province and the policy of extreme social isolation for the whole country effectively handled the pandemic. Korea and Japan followed the Chinese act. This also has been effective in handling the pandemic spread.

However, in western countries, many people have been resisting the lockdown concept in the name of freedom and human rights. The democratic and government leaders, especially US President Donald Trump, acting in denial while delaying and diverting the virus’s attention, make the US the worst country in dealing with the pandemic. This creates the worst consequence.

The Values Issue

In the Five Element Theory, Earth also represents cooperation. Thus, it is important for the global community to unify and work together instead of taking different actions or being concerned only about themselves.

The Water element is the metaphor for money and economy. The Earth element refers to the human body, which includes human life. Hence, naturally, when government policy is more concerned with the economy than its citizens, human life will be compromised.

So what is the priority? There is a values issue. Capitalist countries, such as the USA, seem to gravitate more toward concern for the economy. At least this what President Donald Trump seems to gravitate toward. It is ironic that this is coming from a democratic country that is so concerned with human rights (even just a slogan) rather than human life.

The Personal Level

From a personal level, how do we handle it? While people suffer so much from the pandemic, it is important to work with the Earth element. The metaphor for the Earth element is patience and calmness. So be patient. We also need to be calm to safeguard our mental health, knowing that one day the vaccine will be discovered and the pandemic will be over.

Do take advantage of this new slow living and newly discovered time for better family connections and the small joys in life. Take the time to turn inward for life reflecting. And reassess the values and goals of life. We will face a new world.

4 thoughts on “Feng Shui and the Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. David Abbot

    You are right, Dr. Hsu: President Trump is making the situation so much worse than it would be if America simply followed natural law, which in this case means following the science of epidemiology: isolation to flatten out the infection curve, and PPE’s and safe practices for everyone. And practicing deep breathing and qigong in clean air. China’s handling of the pandemic was correct.

  2. Peggy Zehring

    Dr. Hsui – Thank you for helping us all to calm down and see the big picture from a relaxed perspective. In other words, practice the number one principle of T’ai Chi.


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