Why should you not have mirrors in the bedroom?

There is nothing wrong with having mirrors in a bedroom. Otherwise, where would you put the vanity table?  It is not a should-have or should-not-have issue. It is a scale issue; how many mirrors or how large a mirror are we talking about? A large mirror panel on the closet door may have a more significant impact; a smaller mirror may have no impact one way or the other.

People have also stressed that you should not place a mirror across from the bed. Yes, ideally you would like to be able to see the mirror only by choice, and when you lay in bed you cannot avoid seeing yourself in such a mirror.  Some people suggest covering the mirror at night. Why make your life so complicated? The worry itself creates more problems that the problem we are worry about.  If the bedroom is the only place to put it, live with it; it will not kill you.

The issue of mirrors in general has been overblown by feng shui gossip. Some feng shui schools emphasize the use of mirrors, proposing that almost anything wrong can be cured by a different use of mirrors.  Let’s use common sense and not ascribe too much power to the mirror.  What is the mirror used for?

1. To reflect more light inside
2. To create the illusion of larger space
3. In very rare cases, to reflect a good view from outside to inside
4. Most importantly: for make-up and checking to see if you are dressed properly

So, when you are thinking of placing a mirror any place in your house, ask yourself which function you are trying to fulfill, and what is your reason for having a mirror?  Do you really need a mirror there?

A mirror also can have negative aspects: it can create confusion and disorientation, and in doing so, it can create feelings of stress or conflict rather than peaceful feelings.  Thus, the mirror-paneled closet (2-4 panels of mirror) may affect the emotions and sleep in a negative way.

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