Why has the Middle East always been in turmoil?

To see things from a feng shui point of view, we have to look at a thing from all its aspects; we have to see it from the aspects of matter (physical manifestation), energy (qi) and information (thought or form). There are volumes and volumes of analysis written about the Middle East from a manifestation (material) level, such as ethnic, economical, historical, military, social, etc., factors; too much, in fact, to put together into a clear, concise understanding.  But, if we see it from the energy level, we can see it through the form of its land (as in ‘Form defines energy.’).  In our 2008 newsletter, we said that Israel’s land form is the shape of a dagger (a triangle form) thrusting into the surrounding territory; unless the national boundary is redefined, the conflict will continue.  Additionally, from the informational level, if you believe in soul, spirit and reincarnation, where did the souls from all of those violent deaths go?  Many of them are confused, and still wandering that place; could they not also affect the energy and emotions of people living there?

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