When looking to buy a house, what are the 3 major things I should be looking for?

There are many practical factors one would consider based on their own situation. For a family with school age children, they will have concerns based on the quality of the school district, for the working public, their concern includes the convenience of their commute, to those retired, security of the neighborhood could be a priority, and people with health issues may consider the weather a factor in their choice of home.  All of these can be easily figured out by common sense and reasoning.

From the feng shui point of view, the primary concern is the Chi (qi) energy of the house. This has a direct impact to people’s health, relationship and prosperity. The three major things to be considered are:
1.  The land where the house is located
2.  The form of the house
3.  The design (floor plan) of the house

Good land location has to do with the presence of the four features in feng shui:
1.  Dragon
2.  Guardian
3.  Energy spot
4.  Water

The form of house should be wholesome, not too complicated and jarring. The floor plan of the house should provide smooth energy flow.

I know, you might think this answer is not plain enough to understand.   May be then it’s time to pick up the book, The Fundamentals of Feng Shui, a very small, simple and easy to read book.  You will enjoy reading it, and it may benefit you more than you expected.

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