What can I do to increase money flow?

Work hard and work smart.

From a feng shui point of view, money flow is the same as energy flow.  The main entrance is the gateway for energy flow from outside to inside. The space in front of a door is crucial. If it is open, spacious, and well defined, the qi will corrugate and also provide abundant good flow into the house.  Therefore make sure your front yard is clean open and tidy.  Upon the entrance, the space should be open and inviting. It will be good to have some house plant to provide a good energy connection from outside to inside.

However, there are plenty of suggestions in other feng shui circles that you may find somewhat intriguing:

1.  Get a three-leg toad; it will help to bring money into the house.  (Wouldn’t a four-leg frog do a better job than three-leg toad?)
2.  Place a fountain in the house as water is money; water flow brings money flow.  (So, since water is money; it might be good to have a leaking roof in the house, allowing money to come to the    house!)
3.  Put a vase in the fortune corner of the room and also enhance it by a special vase spray.  (Whoever came up with this idea and also sells the vase and spray would surely  have a lot of money flow into their house, but not into yours.)
4.  Put a mirror over the stove, as it reflects more burners which will help you get rich.  (What an idea! Let’s suggest to President Obama to insert this idea in his economic stimulus package.  He could allow the government to buy every family a mirror to install behind their stove and our financial problem will be easily resolved.)

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