We now have Obama as the President of United States. What does this represent to us as well as to the rest of the world?

It represents that Mr. “Mission Accomplished” can no longer continue trash America.  However, the negative impact that has been created will take a long time to resolve and recover. Obama does not have the magic power to reverse the current situation right away; he will first have to slow down the rapid muddy current, then redirect it with a curve and reverse the direction into a smooth flow.  It is almost an insurmountable task.  But if Obama cannot do it, nobody can do it.  He needs all the support he can get from Americans.

In the world, not much will change by the changing of the American presidency.  Even though Obama stresses about dialogue with countries of the world, the issue is less of dialogue and more of understanding.  As long as we are steadfast on our past foreign views and positions, we cannot expect others to change themselves.  The question is how much is the US willing to adjust or compromise? It’s important for US leaders to pay attention to not just the interest of the US, but the “higher” interests of the US.   Higher interest resonates with the world interest.

Let us also hope Obama is a Peace president and not a president who just changes the battle field. Even without war, humans have already suffered too much from hunger and disease.

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