The Ordinary Life


In life, often the most ordinary things are the most unordinary and the most familiar are the most unfamiliar.  For example, every day of our lives, we sleep and we wake up.  Have you ever thought about how we fall asleep at night? Or what part of the body wakes up first in the morning?  Do we wake up from head to toe or is it from toe to head? Or does the whole body wake up all at the same time? Have any of these questions ever crossed your mind?

We all enjoy beautiful things, whether it is a scenic landscape, colorful foliages in autumn, new buds bursting out from a branch in early spring, or a garden in full bloom.   We can all appreciate the beauty in each of these images.  But, have you ever stopped to think about how you enjoy these beautiful things?  Do you simply stare at them with your big eyes? Do you just look at them casually, not giving much thought?  Have you ever tried to communicate with them? Have you ever noticed your breathing patterns when looking at beautiful images?

The universe is an open system.  This means that the process of exchange between us and our immediate surroundings to the greater whole of nature is a process of exchange that never stops.  This exchange includes information and energy from all matter. However, most people have never received the benefits of a full exchange.  What happens is we end up depleting our own energy more than receiving from nature.  For example, as we look at beautiful scenery or even a flower, we are giving it energy which means we are depleting our own energy.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could constantly replenish our energy from nature?  Just imagine that after a stressful day at work, you could come home and recharge your energy to enjoy your free time!  Wouldn’t that be nice!  Actually, this is possible.  To gain this type of knowledge cannot be too difficult, or even complicated, as in nature, all things are easy and simple.  We just complicate things on our own.  Just imagine if schools stopped focusing on teaching only academic knowledge and instead taught useful living knowledge, it would open the minds of the youth.  It would be wonderful if they taught how to receive energy from a flower, tree, mountain, ocean, moon or sun.    I hope that those of you out there with such knowledge and wisdom will begin to write and share such valuable information.

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