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Giving thanks

A few people wrote me, expressing how they liked the idea in the previous blog of giving thanks and saying farewell to the house being sold.
This brought about a new question.  “So what should we do when we are moving into a new house?”  My suggestion would be to keep the same attitude.  Be thankful to the new house that takes us in and promise to take good care of it.

During our years of adolescence,  in school and at home, we were taught to love, respect and be thankful to people in our lives.  This should be taken further, to include learning to be thankful and appreciative to all things in our lives—the house we live in, the table we use, the chair we sit on, the clothes we wear, the food we eat and even the paper napkin we use and throw away.   If we have this attitude, we will naturally love and care for all animals and all living plants whether they are in the house, yard or garden. With this attitude and mind set, we will naturally respect, and love all people in our lives and have compassion to all sentient and non-sentient beings in the world. Maybe schools and parents should teach this to their children early in life.  A good start would be to appreciate their toys.