More on Fasting

On my birthday, I began my routine fasting, following the method I posted on my previous blog “The Secret of Successful Fasting”.  After a couple days, I did not have any hungry feeling what-so-ever.  However, eating is an important part of living.  Without food you are missing a lot of fun in life.  Though not hungry, I felt bored.  So, I decided to ask for help.  Right before I slept, I lay in bed and talked to my body: “fasting should not be boring, please help”.  And magically, the following day I felt happy and lively, the boredom and any desire for food had simply gone.  I was able do my writing throughout most of the whole day as well as fit in a one and half hour walk.

If we see a human being as a Taiji, based on the holographic theory, the external features, internal organs, and single cells are the same Taiji but are on different levels.  From a Taoist perspective, by communicating to micro levels; there is a more intimate connection. In mobilizing the support of the WHOLE body, the resonance brings forth empowerment to manifest what you are asking for.

Try to talk to your body on all levels. You might be surprised to find out that indeed, it listens and works.


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