Is there anything I can do to attract money? Do things like three-toed frogs really work?

The three-toed frogs work just as well as buying a lottery ticket for attracting money.  People can be stupid, gullible, or very desperate, and may believe in such a thing.  If this worked, maybe we should propose to President Obama using some of his stimulus package money to buy a three-toed frog for every family in America, to help solve the financial crisis. This is a superstition floating around in China, and spreading to the west.  It has nothing to do with traditional feng shui. However, from a feng shui point of view, where there is an abundant energy flow, there is abundant money; where energy coagulates, money collects. The energy flow to the house mostly relates to the main entrance of the house. When the door faces a nice open, flat space (also with the view of water), there will be a better flow of energy.  So, make sure your courtyard is open and clean with no blockage.

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