If you do only one feng shui thing in your house, what should it be?

Normally, my answer would be “place an abundance of living house plants in your house.”  This is the simplest and easiest thing to do.  Washington State University did some research in the 90’s, studying the impact of living plants in the office.  It concluded that living plants reduce stress levels and increase productivity.  Feng shui practitioners have known this for millennia; however, it’s good to have some “scientific” proof.
In view of our modern way of living, especially the abundance of the America life style, I would say the first feng shui issue for a home is to keep the house clean, tidy and un-cluttered. This should not be an issue to begin with; we should take this for granted as the normal state.  Unfortunately, it is a big challenge to American society.  So, before this issue has been taken care of, we should not even talk about what good feng shui is.

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