Fengshui Master Hsu

How To Analyze Countries, Cities, Buildings

Master Shan-Tung Hsu explains how to analyze a country, a city and a building. The example is the city of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Throughout history, architecture reflects the social and economic activities of the time. Architecture also reflected the building materials science and technology, as well as the values, life-styles, thought, and human relationships of that period. It can also be said that in turn these aspects have all been affected by architecture.

From the Feng Shui point of view, a building is more than a physical body. It is also an energy body. That “invisible” chi-energy has an impact far beyond that which common eyes can recognize. Seen from this point of view, functionality has a deeper meaning than just client acceptance, or the fulfillment of the initial specifications in the building contract. It has consequences for the well-being of those who use and reside in the space.

Therefore, a successful design, a design providing good functionality, means a building that not only fulfills all traditional architectural design criteria, but also has a holistic chi energy, which reflects in the success of the people or organization using the space.

People work too hard trying to create beautiful things. The common factor in the beauty of the natural landscape, the fish run, or birds soaring in the sky, is a response to their group energy field, the chi-energy of the space they occupy. If one is indeed in tune with nature, and has mastery of a vehicle or a channel through which natural energy can express itself, then whatever one produces will be beautiful.

True genius, said Edison, is 1 % inspiration 99 % perspiration. In fact, although true genius requires hard work, this must be balanced by merging with nature and natural energy.

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