Feng Shui of Ukraine

While lecturing in Kiev, Ukraine, the students there asked me to comment on the feng shui of Ukraine.
“Good” I answered.  Indeed, Ukraine has a good mountain in the Northwest, vast fertile land on the east and south, and it is also adjacent to the Black Sea on the south.  From a feng shui point of view, Ukraine has all the four features: Dragon, Guardian Hill, Energy Spot and Bodies of Water.  Furthermore, Ukraine has an abundant amount of natural resources, and it exports uranium, coal, electricity…  “How then are we still poor?” the students asked?
We are affected by Heaven (time), Human, and Earth (space).  Even if the space is good, it is also affected by the human factor.  This is a country, where food and clothes are not any less expensive than in the United States.  The streets are full of new cars such as, Mercedes, BMW and Lexus.  I was amazed; it does not seem like a poor country. Yet, a university professor makes about only $500 per month.  People in the private sector make a bit more, but $1000.00 per month is regarded high.  The average person is indeed poor. But who are those driving all the expensive cars?  There must be an issue with the Human factor.  There must be some imbalance in the Human factor.  The Human factor includes the average citizen and government officials.  Well you can guess what is wrong here.  It must be the abundant amount of corruption among government officials!

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