Fengshui of a chair

Dr Hsu Feng Shui Talk
#28: Feng Shui of a Chair

We have shown the application of the Four Features in a city, village, house, and office. This Four Features Model can even be applied to chairs!

Fengshui of chair
Let us compare a plain stool, a chair, and an armchair.

The seat of the stool is the Energy Spot. The plain stool has little else to offer.

Now, let’s look at the chair. In addition to the seat, there is a backrest (Mountain) providing support, making one feel more comfortable.

And lastly, let’s look at an armchair. It has rests or supports on the sides of the seat (Guardian Hills).

Naturally, this chair is more comfortable than the previous chair and stool.

The more Four Features present in the chair, the more comfortable one will feel.

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