The Four Features Model in a Residential House

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#23: The Four Features Model in a Residential House

So far we have been talking about the bigger picture of the four features model. In the previous post, we talked about the 4 features model in a relative big scale.

But everyone wants to know, “How do I apply the 4 features model to my house?”

In a residential house, the site where the house sits is the energy spot. The building, structure or higher ground behind the house is the Mountain.

The courtyard, open space or street in front of the house is the Water feature. Neighboring buildings to the left and right are the Guardian Hills.

When these four features are present, then this is the ideal model for a house.

fengshui house mountain water

The Four Features applies to all scales. Thus, what applies to a village, similarly applies to a house. In today’s city setting, any form of structure such as a building, fence, tall hedge, or high ground behind the home corresponds to the Mountain feature.

Neighboring houses or structures on either side represent the Guardian Hills. Streets and roads, or open space in front of a house correspond to the Water feature. Just as water serves as a metaphor for expansion, streets are connections to people and places. The house will naturally sit between these features on the Energy Spot. These Four Features are essential prerequisites for a good Feng Shui site.

However, ideal conditions are not always possible. There are times when one or more of the Four Features is defective or missing, such as a cliff or ravine behind the house; the front door closely faces a big hill or huge building; the house is isolated and without neighbors; or a house is situated on a steep slope with no flat ground. In such circumstances, the positioning of the house is not ideal.

In the next post, we will discuss the High Rise model.

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