Chi Energy Fengshui

Chi-Energy in Chinese and Western Cultures

Chi, the very essence of the universe, manifests in three aspects: as matter, as energy, and as information.
In China, the idea of Chi-Energy permeates everyday living. Without the word Chi (氣) many common Chinese phrases
could not exist.

For example:

  • Chi-se (氣色): a person’s complexion
  • Chi-zhi (氣質): a person’s disposition
  • Chi-fen (氣氛): atmosphere of an event or a place
  • Chi-du (氣度): the capacity of a person
  • Chi-li (氣力): strength
  • Chi-shi (氣勢): momentum

Even though people are not able to clearly define Chi-Energy, they are aware of its existence, and can sense that there is an energy or information component associated with any
physical manifestation.

In traditional Chinese culture, Chi-Energy is an active part of all living things. Chi-Energy became the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine, in which health is related to the flow and balance of Chi-Energy in the body.

Similarly, the core of Form School Feng Shui design is based on the Chi-Energy of the space.

An ideal living environment is said to be a place with abundant Chi-Energy. In the old days in China, Chi-Energy was even used for military purposes. Strategists often assessed the Chi-Energy of the military when making decisions to attack or retreat.

In the West, people similarly use the term “energy” in daily life, but without being able to give a clear definition of the concept. Various concepts of “energy” appear in Western esoteric practices and alternative medicine. It even appears in popular culture, as “The Force” in the movie Star Wars.

In other words, although the word “Chi” comes from Chinese culture, the experience of Chi-Energy is universal. In every culture, people are aware of the energy of a place, or the energy of other people, no matter what term they may use to describe their experience.

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