On Site Class

2016  On Site Class    (Bellevue WA, USA)

March 12 (Saturday)
Body Mind and Chi Health Workshop

March 13 (Sunday)
The Essence of Feng Shui – Living Environmental Design Based on Natural and Chi Energy

June 25 (Saturday)
Form School Feng Shui I –Environmental Living Space Design

June 26 (Sunday)
Yin Yang Theory -The Fundamental of Natural Law

June 27 (Monday)
Form School Feng Shui II – Chi Energy and   Ideal House Design

June 28 (Tuesday
Five Element Theory and Application

June 29 (Wednesday)
Feng Shui for Successful Business

June 30 (Thursday)
Signs and Symbols –Tapping into the secret of Human and Natural World

July 1 (Friday)
Landscape and Garden Design

July 2 (Saturday))
Case Study and Field Trip

July 3 (Sunday)
Feng Shui Remedy 

July 9 (Saturday)
Body Mind Chi Health workshop 

Each Class is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with one-hour lunch break.
Lunch will be provided

Tuition: $150.00 per class.    Pre-registration required

Mini Lecture by Jenny Nakao Hones
All lecture hours are from 2pm to 4pm
Tuition: $40.00 per lecture

February 27 (Saturday)
Living Room Design for Good Energy

March 5 (Saturday)
Living in Color:  How color affects spaces and feelings

March 20 (Saturday)
Bedroom Design for Better Relationships and Good Sleep

April 16 (Saturday)
Declutter for Better Chi with Feng Shui



 Tuition: $40.00 per class.    Pre-registration required


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