International Program

Blue Mountain International Certification Program in Kyiv, Ukraine (TBA)

  • Place: Kyiv, Ukraine   
  • Date: TBA

Day 1 – June

  • Form Define Energy – The Essence of Feng Shui

This is a comprehensive over view of the traditional Environmental Design based on Natural Laws and Chi-Energy.  This class is for both those with or without any feng shui background.

Day 2 – June

  • Feng Shui for Interior Living Space Design:
    • Room Layout principle
    • Design for main entrance, living room, bedroom, Kitchen, dining room..
    • Furnishing and decoration
    • Color Design

Day 3 – June

  • Chi Energy Workshop
  • BodyMindChi Health Workshop

Day 4 – June

  • Yin Yang Theory – The Fundamentals of Natural Law

Day 5 – June

  • Feng Shui for Successful Business
  • The nine essentials for a successful Business
  • Ideal Logo Design

Day 6 – June

  • Morning: Lecture on Meditation  
  • Afternoon: Open Forum ( to be determined by popular demand)

Day 7 – June

  • Morning: Feng Shui for Food and cooking
  • Body, chi, mind, and food
  • The four class of food and human living
  • Understand food energy via 5-element Theory
  • Yin-Yang balanced cooking
  • wholesome and healthy diet
  • Afternoon: Feng Shui for Landscape and Garden Design

Day 8  – June

  • Sign and Symbol
  • Tapping into the secret of human and Natural world.

Day 9  – June

  • Feng Shui Remedy and Case Study
  • Hsu will present Feng Shi Cases of different design around the world.
  • Opportunity for student to present their case for discussion.

Day 10 – June

  • Course Review
  • Guidance for Feng Shui Consultation  
  • Graduation Party
  • Daily Practice: Day 1 to Day 10
  • Morning:   Chi-gong exercise
  • Evening : Questions and Discussion
  • Meditation led by Dr. Hsu

Contact Information:
Taras Litvin


Workshops in Hong Kong, China

Date: 2017 Saturday
Ying and Yang of Love and Relationship

Date: 2017 Sunday
Body Mind and Chi Health Workshop

Contact: Sam McDaid
Tel: +852 51654562

Workshops in Budapest, Hungary

Date: 2017 Saturday and Sunday
Feng Shui for Successful Environmental Design

Date:  2017, Monday – Thursday
Body Mind and Chi Health Workshop

Contact: Patrik Izing