Soaring with the Dragon


The eventful Year of the Rabbit has come to an end.

Last year, in my annual article for the Institute, I wrote, “The extreme global patterns that began in the year of the Tiger (2010) were a prelude to the bubbling phenomena of the human world in this Rabbit year (2011), and this in turn will set the pattern for a much more dynamic Dragon year in 2012.”

Now we have entered 2012, the year of the Dragon. The Dragon, the most sacred symbol in Chinese culture, represents strength and determination. It also implies amplification and persistence. This indicates that the bubbling phenomena of the year of the Rabbit are going to turn to turbulence. What we have seen and experienced in 2011 will continue and amplify, both in natural disasters and political conflict.

For the individual, this is a year of great challenge and momentum. It is important to embrace the challenge and ride with momentum. There is a saying that says, “God does not give people challenges they are not ready for,” but the challenge is best met with adaptability rather than with rigid expectations.

Having lived through the financial crisis of the past three years, people have slowly adapted: the state of panic has softened, and as people have accepted a new norm, new strength has also begun to emerge.

2011 is a very significant year: even though the yang masculine energy that dominates human society has seemingly continued to intensify, the yin feminine energy has been slowly seeping through. The political events of 2011, such as the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement, reflect a change that is more empowered by yin energy than hard force.

The kind of revolution manifested by masculine yang force requires much bloodshed: we can call this a “hard revolution.” In contrast, when a revolution is characterized instead by feminine yin energy, we can call it a “soft revolution.” In 2012, we will also begin to see the soft revolution more widespread, not just in the political but also in the social arena. People will re-examine the traditional values and social reforms and begin to re-think social priorities.

As for Blue Mountain, in 2011 we returned to hosting a feng shui tour. 30 people participated in this 2 week tour, visiting Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Hangzhou and Shanghai — cities with very distinct characters and attractions. All our members enjoyed the tour, and we are planning to have another tour this coming September. The itinerary and other information should be posted in May. Pay attention to the post and respond as soon as you can. Last year we had to turn away some people.

We always look forward to feedback from our community about what we can do better, about activities that people would find interesting, and about ways we can support our community. Don’t hesitate to give us your suggestions!

Last year, the Blue Mountain Chi design team completed a commercial building in Krasnodar, Russia. The good design and quick delivery surprised our happy client. This year we are invited to design a temple complex for a Zen temple in a place with a beautiful setting near Ji-de Zhen (for over a thousand years, this city has been famous for producing the best Chinaware). Dr. Hsu made the initial visit. Together with the design team members, Bertha Aybar and Jenny Hones in Seattle, we have already finished the initial layout for the temple.

Jenny Hones and Dr. Hsu have completed the final revision of the book Feng Shui—Truths, Myths and Misconceptions, which will be available in electronic form in early spring. Dr. Hsu is ready to start work on the long overdue book Form School Feng Shui, which we hope will become the standard text for Blue Mountain feng shui teaching.

In Chinese Astrology, the year of the Dragon is a very good year in all aspects of life for those born in the years of the Rat and Monkey, and a challenge for people born in the Dog year. Remember though, that there are always yang aspects hidden in the yin aspects: challenge forges strong character and also brings forth ingenuity. There may be some friction and hindrance for people born in the years of Ox and Dragon: this is the result of the higher momentum and ambition set in the year of the Dragon, and not necessarily a bad thing. It’s the pain that brings gain. For everyone else, the year of the Dragon will be a smooth ride at a higher momentum.

Even though from a global picture this is a very challenging year, on an individual level it could be a year of forward strides. So take a ride with the dragon, regardless of whether it is soaring in the sky, swimming deep in the sea, or penetrating the depths of the earth. But handle the dragon with softness and flexibility.

Experience life!