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Form School Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient tradition that provides guidance for human beings to live in harmony with the laws of nature. In our modern world, many of us feel removed from these natural laws. Having heard that understanding the wisdom of feng shui enables us to enhance prosperity, health and loving relationships, we seek to apply it to our lives. As feng shui has gained popularity in the Western world, more books and classes are available than ever before. But people often find that the more feng shui books they read, the more confused they become. The first book sounds interesting, the second one contradicts the first, and the third one doesn’t make any sense at all. At this point, many people simply walk away, rejecting feng shui as a fad or Eastern mysticism. How can we tell what is real feng shui?

A Universal Approach to Living

Although it was developed in China, feng shui is in fact the same knowledge that was applied by people in different traditional cultures all over the world throughout history. In modern times, we have grown apart from this simple, common sense approach to life; all our choices easily lead us astray. If we want to blast a tunnel through a mountain or build on a flood plain, we can, but we have lost our instinctual sense of the balance between the human being and the natural world and are often faced with consequences different from those we intended. True feng shui offers a return to this understanding of natural balance as well as methods for applying this ancient wisdom to modern life. Because feng shui is in tune with natural principles that are universal, it rises above religion, belief systems, or cultural differences. Feng shui is open to everyone and universally relevant.

Philosophy, Science and Art

One way to express the philosophy of feng shui is the saying, “Live in harmony with nature; live in tune with the heart.” This is the core concept of feng shui knowledge. It stresses that human beings are living in the way that is best for them when they are also living in a way that accords with natural energy that follows the same patterns everywhere.

Feng shui can be regarded as a science, because the knowledge it provides can be verified by experience. It requires no “suspension of disbelief” or faith in magic; rather, the principles can be studied and applied, and the results evaluated to see if they are in accord with what was learned.

Feng shui is also an art. Rather than a rigid collection of rules to be followed, it is a way of seeing a set of tools which can be used in a myriad of ways. It is like the single tree that supports the growth of a hundred different blossoms. Instead of a “paint-by-numbers” kit which defines not only the outline of the picture, but also the locations and boundaries of every individual color, feng shui provides the paint box full of colors to be used according to the individual artist’s choice.

What is Form School Feng Shui?

The core concept of feng shui is about the intrinsic energy of our living environment. In China, this intrinsic energy or life force, is called chi energy. Feng Shui regards the chi if a space, will impact a person’s life more than physical or matter elements.  But since chi is not “visible” how does one work with chi?  This is a challenging question for most studying feng shui. The answer is missing in most feng shui teachings.

Form School feng shui  follows natural principles and works with chi energy.  The knowledge of Form School feng shui regards chi energy  as the root of the concept of  form defines energy.  Chi energy is detected from the forms of all manifestations; from a large geographical pattern to the layout of a city, an apartment complex, an individual house or even the arrangement of an interior space. The shape of the features defines the energy in that setting. The energy affects the health, prosperity and relationships of the inhabitants of that space for better or for worse. Therefore, by understanding the relationship of form and energy, we could not only understand the energy of a particular place, but we also learn how to design a living environment to be in harmony with the pre-existing energy pattern there.

If you look at a square, a dome or a pyramid forms of structure, you will get different feeling from them.  The different feeling is responding to the chi of different building form. Form defines Energy, this is what the name Form School come from

Although this understanding of how the surrounding forms of the natural world affect human beings has been the basis of traditional wisdom all over the world throughout history, it was in China that it was honed to a fine science, due to the long period of continuous civilization there. Thousands of years of accumulated and synthesized knowledge are contained in the universal principles of the Form School.

Form School Feng Shui is the core design concept behind the building of the magnificent Chinese imperial palaces, temples, cities, residential villages, and exquisite garden throughout China’s long history.

There are feng shui approaches appear much later in Chinese history tie in with astrological element, such as the the resident’s  birth date , the date the house is built, and used different  complicate formulas to determine the ideal direction of the main entrance of a house should face and how it affect the people there.. People call these approach cosmological feng shui.

There are many of such a approach, such as Ba Zai (East-West school),  San-Ho, Flying Star school. a These school mostly is faith based, does not make common sense not do they have solid theoretical foundation.

There are also feng shui approach begin popular in west since few decades ago.  It import and bundle Asian superstition, folklore, regional belief, and use many so-called feng shui gadgets such as miniature fountain, crystal hanging, Bagua mirror placing in house to attract prosperity or expel evil. As many people always like silver bullet approach to solve their personal problem and in hoping to bring love and fortune, it became popular in a rather shot time, this new age hype also decline quick.

Form School feng shui, the true traditional Chinese feng shui, in its following natural principle, make universal sense, the common sense.  It concept also easily resonate with you, Truth has power.  Form School feng shui approach is simple and profound,