Form School Feng Shui I

Form School  I -Living Environmental Design with Chi Energy and Natural Laws


  1.  A comprehensive overview of the classical feng shui tradition in Chinese culture, history, philosophy, and fundamental principles.
  2.  Feng Shui concept as an universal concept and has been applied universally throughout  human history.
  3. Present the Two Pillars Principles of Form School Feng Shui- Natural laws and Chi.
  4. Brief Introduction of Natural Laws—Yin-Yang Theory and Five Element Theory
  5. Present the Chi concept and the full spectrum of Chi-Matter, Chi energy and information
  6. Present the concept of Form Defines Energy.
  7. Four-Feature concept and its application to understand the feng shui of various countries of the world such as USA, China, Japan, India, Russia, Philippine and etc.
  8. Use Four-Feature to understand the energy of the land and to pick right land to build house
  9. Apply 4-feature concept to all scale of living environment from city to, a neighborhood, to a house to a room  and a sitting environment.
  10. The Philosophy of Form School and the environmental movement.