Business Consultation

Integration of the principles of feng shui can have a profound impact on business success. Examples of business scenarios that can benefit from a feng shui consultation include:

  • Business is booming, and your company’s current space is too small. We safeguard your selection of a new site, making sure the energy there is correct for continuing your success.
  • You would like to expand your company. We provide strategic guidance for your expansion from an energy point of view.
  • Your company has a specific problem, such as personnel conflicts, a decline in new business, or a decrease in revenues. We analyze the situation and provide strategies to change the energy causing these problems.
  • You would like to build your company building on a specific site. We help you find the right design, from inception to completion.
  • You want to create the right image for your company and establish yourself in the market. We guide you in your image development so you are well positioned in the market.

“Thanks to Dr. Hsu’s help in selecting my new clinic space, my business has almost doubled.  This has also contributed to the continued growth of my acupuncture practice. ” Erkang Hu, Acupuncturist – Bellevue, Washington, USA